I fell in love with a woman who is independent by nature, but she didn't expect to merge her life with mine. Keeping seperate friends, for example, was supposed to give us more to talk about when we were together.

When I connect with someone it's immediate, intense and on multiple levels. I realize though that love can be lifelong, so I need to avoid the urges to control it and learn to simply let it take me where it will.

Physical chemistry is key so I follow my instincts and trust them. I know who I find attractive and the things that turn me on. If there is no passion in that kiss, it won't work. I have to share the most important aspects of my life with her and not feel that I have to hold back. The past is the past, but I should be open and honest about my life. If I love her, then I'll want to know about her hopes and dreams and do all that I can to help bring them to fruition.

Good sex is important, but unfortunately it wanes over time. Hence, affection and companionship are as important, if not more, than sex. In love, I try to make commitments. No one should be kept to wait indefinitely. Yet at the same time rushing into commitments adds pressure to the relationship.


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