Then You Have Loved

"Unhappiness is easier to convey than happiness. In misery we're aware of our existence, even if it is a monsterous ego: 'this pain is mine only', 'this nerve winces me alone'. However, it is happiness which annihilates us; we lose our identity. Words of love have been used by saints to describe their visions of God, and so, I suppose, we use terms of prayer, meditation, and contemplation to explain the intensity of love... Therein, we also surrender memory, intellect, intelligence, and experience deprivation, the noche oscura, and are seldom rewarded peace."
-Graham Greene


Blogger hechess said...

"...where ever there is comfort there is pain."
Perhaps unhappiness' ease is so our egos can thrive and liesurely inflate. How much of the subconcious do our egos control or provoke? Yet there is something to be said about negativity when you wiegh it in the balance.

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Blogger hechess said...

Seemed fitting to repost with picture today.

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