a case for "elle"

blinds, could not see___shrouds the stairwell
tummies were flutt___ered setting her table
hearts were scram___bled transformations occurred
compassed me al___most a full circle
boomeranged back___to the heart of the gamble
breathes heavy strokes___of her peaceful roulette
still pondering blueprints___inked without diligence
refreshed to elim___inate our last duets
her kisses pressed___my litmus test
phones the same___voices have changed
awaiting the time___to play a new game
experiences learned___yet existence still wants
humbled by her fe___verish taunts
"who'sn't been burned?"___begging my ear
love is rampant___blind with innocence
how does she know___same with the last one?
let me go, release me___without ransom
you're beautiful too___gimme a chance
i just want to___see you again
now i'm where___"elle" was then
when i said forever___she couldn't append
she must've thought___i was bluffing a scam
fear i wouldn't come___through as her last
lindsey, lindsey___i didn't have a clue
now i feel her un___comfortable shoes

-'s:. 3r


Blogger hechess said...

this style of poetry is an arabic form of poetry. while the word for poetry in arabic is "Sh'ar", one line is called a bait, a collection of lines is called abyat (plural of bait). a house is also called a "bait", but the plural for home is "buyut". it is a very precise language.

including love and reflections, often there are thousands of lines written, preserving sciences of writing, language principals, and islamic sciences. maintaining certain syllabic measures each adjoining line, line by line. its highlights are equal syllables and verbal deviations for the purpose of style and rhythm, often resembling jibberish to the untrained eye of the arabic language. but scholars have have approached these poems and written voluminous explanations of them. it is really quite profound and of grand interest to witness the seas of kknowledge that sprang forth from a rich and vast culture that is totally neglected today by both east and west. before there were books and men actually did their googles in books and this was the culture that revolutionized it. from india to spain.

here i've applied it to english, but it's much more beautiful when its written and read in arabic. perhaps i've mauled something beautiful, for the time being. however i believe its worth the innovation with the hope that better inspired poetry enthusiasts can make it beautiful someday.

this form of poetry also dates back to pre-islamic ages where or the miracle of the koran derives from attracting arabs to follow muhammad even to this day. because it is a superior style to other poetic attempts.

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