The Great Kate

So went to the Cutting Room tonight with Zsuzsi. It was her choice, and to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure about this. All I was told was that she's "young and European". Hence I'm expecting a European crowd, you know a gathering derivative of her circles. And again I didn't even understand that it was at the cutting Room until afternoon, then again I was so busy earlier plus I'm not the greatest when it comes to names of venues and resturants. I basically wrote it off, just sounded like fun, sort like I did before, when I saw Elvis Costello there a few years back. I had to meet her at 7:30 but got tied up on my way in. I had been in Summit earlier in the afternoon with a client and went home to change from loafers to trainers. I'm usually thinking, if the music is live, then Sidney might dance if he has a Keir enough to drink (I swig it Royale). So we made our way inside the theater and remembered "...hey I've been before". She already had a cranberry vodka from standing on the queue yet I was still empty handed. Oh yeah I need to recount my excursion home to swap shoes. I got hung up on a conference call, something that could be very distant and lucrative in the next few weeks. So naturally I ran late, and when I called Zsuzsi at around 7:30 or so from the Financial Center, the first thing she could utter was, "I'm two blocks away right now, I'll be there in a two minutes!" "No, wait, I've just hit lower Manhattan, I'm gonna be another 15-20 minutes, so I'll call the second I'm standing outside." I could sense a little disappointment, yet perhaps it was relief, when I thought about what she said.

Back inside: "So how did you hear about this chick again?"
"I haven't" Except she read up on her online, somehow from Russia, but immigrated to the UK or something... "Have you ever been here before?"
"No this is the first time."
So it then hit me... Keith Richards did it. We're looking for seats. Reserved, reserved, reserved... What the fuck? The room is still half empty, "What should we do, Sidney?" "See the spots against the wall? Let's go that way." But before we could she asked the only balck man in the room if these seats were taken... Obviously, "reserved" for WFUV, smack center of the room resting just before the stage. The man, George by now, pulls me next to him and whispers in my ear... "Possession is nine-tenths, don't ask. We in New York, no one asks in New York." I nod agreeingly, I sit, she follows my lead. By the way, afterwards we agreed that our seats were the best in the house. I pointed to the spots against the wall all elegantly padded and leather, and motioned to the the column obstructing any view of the lovely Kate. I glance at her "I've been here before, I saw Elvis Costello here. Keith Richards up there pretty much refreshed my memory..." Where in she reminded me, "I don't like Elvis Costello much. I lived with a guy who pretty much played him all the time..." So there I am thinkng, I wonder if there is anyone out there saying that about me somewhere, although I'm not an EC spaz, when: "She spoke his name out loud again! Do you suppose that waiting hands on eyes, Veronica has gone to hide? And all the time she laughs at those who shout her name and steal her clothes" surges through my mind.

Parched and craving, I venture for a drink. "Be back in a minute".

8:05 rolls in and there she is; wow quite young and very beautiful! The second she started performing I've realized that I've seen this young lady's commercials on random cable television stations and always thought "Great! what's next?" Commercials pitching musical artists on the tele lack taste. But you know what? I was impressed. She was good enough! After an hour an a half amongst our neighbours' chatterings with whom all the white folks seated besides us were visibly annoyed with (George and his buddies were right on, they know how to celebrate, and eat, one plate after the next, wine with the salad and Amstels with the burgers. Classy brothas!) She closed her set with "Closest Thing to Crazy". Reminds me: Who doesn't know their fair share of idiots? Freedom from their shackles of inconsideration and disrespect of the trusts they had the bestowed privilege of knowing is fair and powerful. The abusers of our relationships are indeed the accusers. Let them flee when they do, they're wild, undomesticated and stray from their families unable to decipher love. Despite their similarities though a beast is more manageable. I am blessed.

"How can I think I'm standing strong,
Yet feel the air beneath my feet?
How can happiness feel so wrong?
How can misery feel so sweet?
How can you let me watch you sleep,
Then break my dreams the way you do?
How can I have got in so deep?
Why did I fall in love with you?
This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been
Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen,
This is the nearest thing to crazy I have ever known,
I was never crazy on my own...
And now I know that there's a link between the two,
Being close to craziness and being close to you.
How can you make me fall apart
Then break my fall with loving lies?
It's so easy to break a heart;
It's so easy to close your eyes.
How can you treat me like a child
Yet like a child I yearn from you?
How can anyone feel so wild?
How can anyone feel so blue?"
Ay Abeulita, Jaque Torres' cocoa reminds me of you!


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