a ferry nowhere abound
no one to kiss, no face found
like a train without a clue
reaching the stop no one knew
inside like a python
coiled, slithering its tongue
reflect times on warnings none
memories to the wayside unhung
index cards littered
once spared, i've severed
debris hidden among
swept and gone
reservations, beyond
optimistic, has been
mild and hot
but "can do"
none the less
if i don't love you, i hate you
as inevitable grief
breeds belief
to right the wrongs
thumps of hate sudden so
dwarfed against beauty's throes
seem awfully unauthentic
yet push to forget it
influenza apt to strike
desires health
poverty hungers wealth
forget minus forgiveness
equals zero point zero
a heart marred by illness
more benevolence less ego
no sorries, or blames
forgiveness staked its claim
where there will always be space
if you settle your dust
i will remember
it may be never
pride has gross limits


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