re: is....

overlooked i am born
your current is cruel
your tide; cold, unwarm
risque howls stew

stinging my eyes
lashing my face
i'd never change
that beauty or grace

it's what i beckoned
breaking the rules
rarely i decieve
what i get in return

my eyes in a trance
i can't shoot a flare
or capture a glance
why did i dare?!

lulled in a dream
of unspoken chance
i crashed as you set
then i tempted the glare

you stroked my shell
so ablaze is my frame
with a coal from hell
so what did i gain?

a journey to embark
sail upon joy
awash in the dark
gutted and wrecked

for those sweets
from that stranger
i'd gladly risk it all
the further we go

the harder i fall
into your waves
mist splashed masts
now it's obvious

the depths i missed
not even embraced
when we locked in a kiss
our encounter was a fall

you were great then
but greater with no face
i thought i had trust
but i laid it to waste

our encounter was a fall
blinded by lust
then life was breathed
from which i've grown

unforgiven and so done
because you were right
i needed this love
to give birth to my life


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