To Not

I spent the afternoon with Luba. She is such a wonderful woman! She has always captured my imagination, quite the perfect, immaculately brilliant! Everything she has ever said to me and everything she has done demonstrates to just how classy someone can be. I know due to the way she has treasured our little friendship, our mutual lulls and has been able to nurture it into something meaningful.

I have always been intrigued by this random, bright Brillo box that sits upright on an end table in her apartment. After some deliberation in my head, I determined that this is not just a Brillo box; it just sits there... Luba just doesn't keep articles like this lying around. After a glass or two I finally had to see the contents. A portfolio, upon these brilliant silver lamenated fold out pages wherein, half way through, a qoute:

"The most exciting thing is not doing it.
If you fall in love with someone and never do it, it's much more exciting."
-Andy Warhol


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