i either love you or hate you.

in the ring of possible
you will matter
may be the world
could spell disaster

gazing afar
reflections from a mirror
A game or deserts
eager to explore

blind at times you're
none of my concern
shameless, ripped off
from wind and wood

Wild, standing there,
her hands in her hair
I can’t remember where
she touched me

the record jumps
on a scratch
round, dizzy, it revolts
time double-crossed us!

"come and see me"
a sound i longed for as a boy
the lesson is the same
handle me with care

emerged from hunter's lair
i reach down inside
it just slips away
but i try

Note: I wrote this on the fly after I heard you... It is riddled with profound and deep personal meaning to me from my life: as a boy, coming to be a man and as a man. Perhaps there isn't anything that I have written yet that is so overwhelmed with personal sentiments that stir an invitation to cause me to feel as touched as I do by a work of my own. Thank you!


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