"the lock upon my___garden gate's a snail"

it's cold out, so is your hair___under a rock tied in knots
spring runs beneath the snow___the basis of the unknown
a chat with my brother mike___once upon the other night
without inclination to go___harkens back a week or so
there's something to be said___anger, sadness and happiness
inspire emotion/distress___"energy"? physics strike a match
caterpillar sheds its skin___to find a butterfly within
challenge creates purpose___the sake of better persons
love fails lost independence___embraces prey of dependence
inklings to attribute an escape___a sword unsheathed? too late
fool enlists her storyteller___she'll irrate at the story she aint
you piece of shit grand scam___wait, procastinate or neve
go cold, delusional wonder___abuse to justify your unthinkable
you are but a span of time___refine your senses lest dirt opines
first there is a mountain ___then there is no mountian

-'s:. 3r


Blogger hechess said...

had allman brothers, mountain jam stuck in my head when i wrote this.

2:14 PM  

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