I like Bill Clinton, I really do. I think most of us can say now, in retrospect, that he was a da-yumn good president. But that's not where I am going with this. There is something inherently human about this man that just forces me to like him. This quote stretches smiles on my face. How many ex-presidents sound like your friends and family? I fear that if his wife ran for office, she may cause us to forget just how genuine he really was. Even at his lying worst... Face it, not all of us are Men Nguyen, we all play poker with the same kinda-not-too-good poker face! No pun intended. Get well soon Bill! Not everyone has the kind of reach you do, it allows the world to see you as the people we aspire to be, ourselves.
"I've had an unusual life. If something happens... I'd wind up ahead of where 99.99% of the people who ever lived did. I'm just grateful for every day when the sun comes up."
-Bill Clinton


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