"Who You Wit"

Mix with parfumeurs, and you could walk away effluviously pleasant.
Mix with blacksmiths, and you'll end up
either with soot, burnt, foul or all.

-Arabic Proverb

And so the blacksmith resembles the friend who burns bridges. As they burn them, watch for the flints and sparks that ascend and seek to set you and your garments ablaze! The bridge-burner is much like the blacksmith, each is likely to be burned standing there watching their works go up in flames as well.

Note: The depth in this proverb is presented in the word "could" (Arabic - "qad"). Although you probably will walk away smelling pleasantly, upon keeping company with
parfumeurs, the presence of the possible "could" and the definite "will" puts emphasis on how damaging the blacksmith's likeness is.


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