Stephen Large who has been performing with Glenn Tilbrook, who was half of songwriting duo Difford & Tilbrook both formerly of Squeeze, they produced tons of the greatest, largely overlooked music of our time. I recommend the book, Squeeze Song by Song, by Jim Drury. A collection of their songs and interviews about the backgrounds of the music they produced. Buy Squeeze music, read the book, appreciate the genius!

I have seen Stephen play with with Glenn twice now, and "tokes!" doesn't quite explicate enough the theatrics this guy, who plays along as Glenn's sidekick deserves. On top of being a high energy, versatile entertainer he has a website that is worthy of mention and kind of fun to boot! Visit stephenlarge.com (including fun to play with keyboard thing on the home page).

Update 4/16:

Stealthmunchkin wrote:

Just thought you might like to see a review from smoe.org
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>From: andrea kremer
>Date: Apr 15, 2005 6:15 PM
>Subject: Tilbrook & Fluffers: a plug.
>To: audities@smoe.org
>So I caught Glenn Tilbrook & the Fluffers here in Boston last night, and I am
>moved today to tell you ALL to go see him/them if/when they come to your town.
>They played two absolutely electrifying sets, which convinced me beyond the
>shadow of a doubt that GT is one of the greatest living
>singer/songwriter/guitarists on the planet. He is that rarest and most
>appealing of performers: one who has achieved an astounding level of musical
>proficiency and has still managed not to take himself too seriously.
>(And I realize this will seem like sacrilege to many, but the Fluffers are
>every bit as good as Squeeze -- not the _same_ as, mind you, but as good as.)
>The showstopper came toward the end of the 2nd set: GT led his band Pied-Piper
>style through the crowd and over to the bar... where they all CLIMBED ON TOP
>OF THE BAR and stood there in a line, with acoustic instruments that included
>bongos, a melodica and an empty beer bottle, to treat us to a rousing
>rendition of "Black Coffee in Bed" complete with audience participation.
>Possibly the best eighteen bucks I ever spent.
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