It's Unanimous

I was just talking about the same god damn thing! Though there is a resemblence, lets agree it is more in the eyes than it is in the chin per se.

Darth Benedict. Well at least it didn't take long. What the Fuck them smokes popeing!? Black smoke is what: an opiate? hash? crack? Look at what happens when you're completely out of touch with reality and the people? You actually do bring upon the apocolypse. THE_SKY_IS_FALLING :p!
/via Screenhead

Name changes and everything. He was Joseph Ratzinger to later become Pope of the Roman Catholic Chirch, Benedict XVI. And so, he was once Emperor Palpatine who would be Dark Lord of the Syth, Darth Sidious. One must wonder if George Lucas does indeed possess prophetic powers.

Trippier than that, lets suppose that this article on rense.com is fact.

Talk about craziness as in clout, emperor style, read this I found via Drudge

HAH! For more Sidious lookalikes. Here's what I found looking for a good Sidious pic.


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