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For a few weeks I have been following the antics of the 100 REASONS WHY I HATE MY HUSBAND! blog. Since the author, "Christine" posted me a comment to my brother's letter on the disappearance of free press. I read now to "give thanks" for who I'm not, and when in doubt "learn" what traps not to set myself up in or avoid, as an ex-husband and a boyfriend. God knows I have no shortage of issues. Watching hers unfold in the embodiment of J (husband), and her antics sorting out his behavior its resulting-insight are well written and refreshing to those of us who can muster up their own senses which relate.

Mounting heaps of praise is something I always feel awkward doing, so see for yourself. Anyone who rants this much is flat out hysterical. What's she gonna do once she hits 100? Without doubt Christine deserves a Blogette Award.

Along the way as I was flipping through some of the comments, I found myslef trying to figure out who her demo is: feminists, single women, housewives, men or all of the above. Behold Undies and this extremely sexy pinups, just really got me kind of going, you know... So I had to post.

Is it a wierd thing, when illustrations do this to a guy? I think I need a session therapy style. I could never figue out that Lara Croft thing. Never juiced me up or anything, I've always looked disdainfully upon the thrill guys got from pure illustrations. Yet here I am drooling over these pinups; they're NOT EVEN digital! Paging Dr. Hammer...

When I say going, I don't mean: HORNY. But "wow, can an illustration have that effect", you know, subtler. I won't get any more carried away trying to elaborate what I can't. Doing the extra: "Don't-be-misled-"work never works for me.

Yep, and that didn't work.