Is There a Dick in the Emperor's Seat?

Seems like all of the headlines about Star Wars taking on US Imperialism, is based on Anakin's line in Sith: "You are either with me — or you are my enemy." Sound familiar? Although he didn't mention Bush by name, Lucas took what sounded like a dig while explaining the transformation of the once-good Anakin Skywalker to the very bad Darth Vader.
"Most bad people think they're good people."

I hardly agree with the notion that Lucas is talking about Bush alone when explain his sentiments about Star Wars, because he is quite obviously speaking about 'a people', and really when it comes to democracies like ours, Bush isn't alone. And the transformation of good to bad is what is charectized by him as:
"How does a democracy turn itself into a dictatorship?"

So in place of mischief our founding fathers designed a system of checks and balances. Our country, bears absolute responsibilty for appointing all of its legislative and executive officials. We are guilty for sacrificing our land at the hands of people who willingly have no conscience.

Wouldn't it be nice to be shuttled around the world by lobbyists and paid to vote as these lobbyists would like and then at the end of the day vote ourselves a payraise? In our tax-subsidized homes in Georgetown and Westchester County, NY. No offense President Clinton. Instead our ambitions wreak of the self loating cattle eager to be the next contestant on "Millionaire".

Americans want it all, and we're gonna get it. Dear Santa, I want status for christmas. I want more debt
. In other words, for anyone whose read Holidays on Ice, by David Sedaris, recall what the adults want for christmas before not wanting to break Santa's Lap? I want a Gold Card or a BMW for christmas. I digress.

What's even more unfortunate is that we're in this together. As an American, as much as I'd like to rid myself of the troubles created by other people, but unfortunately Bush bares as much blame for Imperialism as the rest of us do. The President doesn't just do anything. Our form of government is supposed to subject the executive branches to a set of obstacles preventing him from absolute power. Not everyone in the House is neither red nor blue, but they're both. Our democratic trade-line has been: the will of the people, to the barebones of our divisions of government.

Before any President wins the White House-Sweepstakes, remember: he doesn't receive all of the vote, just the majority, enter the Electoral College, enabling the less popoluated places with a voice. Furthermore our elected legislative branches are also obliged to the same but we've taken their opposition of executive orders for granted and have become cattle at the expense of the corporation. Making Washington gridlock is a blessed thing of the past! No one in any relationship is entitled to absolute power.

So isn't our confidence in our electorate properly represented? Or has the system been defeated? If so, then didn't we do it to ourselves? If yes, then Bush is only one person at the head of the problem we created. There should be no crying when there is absolutely no opposition to the Homeland Security Act, the War in places like Iraq, or the willful disappearanceof people like Bin Laden (The Senate ignored us because we ignored them hence we all ignored Bin Laden's sorry ass in favor of Saddam).

Consider this: Cheney is the '08 darkhorse.

And that is how what's done has been done we've allowed it in the name of "freedom".

Correcting ourselves tomorrow will require pain and suffering. We won't wake up in the morning with a clean slate. Like each one of us, individually; we too, together, have baggage to bare responsiblity for, albeit, this land is split into infinite confusion. Putting some career politician putz like John Kerry in charge to change things won't do it, our corrections are going to require for some exteme changes, and the sooner the better. In life we get chances, but there are zero lifelines to pick.


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