I turned in a fantastic Spring Lake weekend and Mother's Day, lounging in front of the boob tube, enjoying my two favorite programs Deadwood (which is the best show on TV of any kind ever), and Curb Your Enthusiasm, "The Car Pool Lane". In it Larry David attempts getting out of Jury Duty, by:
1. Wearing his Seinfeld jacket to the Jury selection, because "they hate celebrities".
2. Falsely projecting to the Judge that he is a racist; When asked if he could be unobjective, David speculates his unsurety due to the fact that the man standing trial is "a negro".

But in the series he is always weaseling out of commitments by using excuses to exempt himself or doing something distasteful to dispose unwanted desires and trusts of him by other people.
So in Larry David's world life typically bcomes art, but in his first post today at Huffingtonpost, art became life to the dim-wit. A modest contribution regarding the merits he bases his support of the nomination of "Rootin Tootin, Yosemite Sam" John Bolton to be the next US ambassador to the UN. About the funniest thing I read in a while. Pure comedic genuis.

But more amusing, because I dislike hollywood for all of its vanity; after being promised contributions from the all around celebritydom, Huffingtonpost was blasted by LA Weekly. WOW! Real shocker (not a sarcasm, really)! You mean LA Weekly didn't pander, why not? Because, to them, the lack of celibluster makes it blow.

In all honesty, I think the content was adequate, but not for what it is intended. I ask LA Weekly, don't celibs get it? When the vote didn't come out for Kerry after he paraded his celeb pals before us we didn't respond. Like four more years of Dubya wasn't enough of a slap in the face to them? The poeple of conscience just are and they won't need celibs to make it happen.

Look at the numbers, AOL asked: Should famous people join the blogosphere?
The majority response was: "It's annoying, stars already have a voice"

So after what seemed like months of hype that Larry David and other celibs, would be contributing to Huffingtonpost, The only David to contribute at launch was none other than "... Seinfeld co-creator Larry David's wife, Laurie..."

I'll stick to the way of the wishful thinker out there: "Maybe this will get rid of Huffington once and for all."


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