More Than Meets the Eye!

Behind those glasses, this 80-something jewish man is Henry Orenstein. DON"T BE FOOLED. What should one expect from a man who survived 5 Nazi camps, other than the greatest invention to every child from my generation? The coolest toy ever; You know a little something called Optimus Prime, et al. RIGHT?! Which, by way of Adam's Papa (my Dad) we knew personally and by default made me the most popular kid on my block. Although Dad espoused his certain brand of pride prohiiting him ever to ask Mr. Orenstein for anything, I made sure I would accompany my Dad everytime he would pay Mr. Orenstein a visit to his home in Verona, NJ. Simply to strengthen the potential for greater possibile outcomes. By the law of averages, it often worked.

Henry Orenstein came up recently in an article in the Star Ledger, which was much to Dad's amusement, regarding his newest baby: Poker. pPlayer.com logged an entry on him and his genuis. And for even more visit this IJN read.

We pay homage to Henry Orenstein with this ode to the Transformers called 'The Touch', by Stan Bush. The theme song to Transformers Movie. We found whilst visiting Screenhead.

Thats be a pretty doping, badass shirt he's a wearing there. Think if i wait outside his door today, he'd give it to me? For old times sake...


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