I Want a New Drudge

I've been a loyal reader of the Drudgereport for several years.

Me, like the rest, I learnt about Drudge at the onset of the Netanyahu threat "to set Washington on fire", the day the Clinton Intern-Gate scandal broke, and since then I have essentially stayed tune waiting for the next story to refresh on the splash of the next Drudge-Alert. But Drudge has gotten to be stale, tired, boring and too damn bias with right-wing agendi to me. A far cry from reporting. Honestly, the only reason why it had my attention is because I felt Drudge had a hand from the Israelis in getting the inside feed, then over the past year I have failed to find a worthy alternative.

Gawkermedia, though brings to us Sploid. And since my discovery of it (Sploid -that is), it pervades my web-conscience. Sploid now routinely masters my clicking habits until I reach it for the freshest news-worthy content available on the Interweb.

Even the name rouses a host of senses. What does it mean? Is it conjugated from the verb exploit? Similiar to "asplode", conjugated from the verb explode, made popular by Strongbad.

For a fresher source of the follies that shape our world, daily; Say: SO LONG Drudge, a splash of Sploid is much more refreshing.


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