Please Put Our Money Where Our Mouthes Are!

Diplomatically, is this filed under friendly spying? I'm sick, with a cold on top of my allergies thus I have entirely too much time on my hands right now. And I should be posting much more than I currently am. Over the years, since the time FDR until today, for all the tax dollars we give Israel continually, annually what does it add up to: like a trillion in total? Ultimately wind up with their folks qualified enough to be snooping around inside our government, and delivering secrets to whom? As if we harbor something ill or suspicious against Israelis. Whenever they need a veto we got one in our back pocket for them yet they're still insecure about us!? Phooey! I don't have enough energy to evoke how disappointing this article is to me. Perhaps there is a lesson in this on how insecure we may or may not be about our best friends. God knows I've seen it. We often bite the hands that feed us, in fear that they may withhold later. If so then enough is enough.

My point: Our money is undoubtedly better spent fixing our own home educating our own children, keeping our own people healthy, sheltering our own homeless, than it is abroad financing theirs. Was the bombing of the USS Liberty a friendly bombing also?

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