Brooks Brothers vs. Ben Sherman

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"Ever experienced any of the following symptoms? Fatigue, sluggishness, misanthropy, anxiety, broken-hearted despair, spring fever.

You're suffering from the same thing as everyone else: life."
What I love about this most, is our discussion about my old jewish friend on Mt Shasta in 1992 and what I said about how I might've fixed your mom's phone.

Sums up pretty much what we went through pretty good yesterday. Life is good the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour all of it is what you make of it, and who you chose to play roles in it. Lee, I'm so happy you thought of me this morning! I love you!

You saw the cover, but this is my book, enjoy the read!

Liquid Information

What Happens When You Unleash Text? What?

White Jesus

Why is Jesus always a Roman caucasian? How many white Dads would go nuts if they saw black Jesus apparitions in their wives wombs? Wait hold on how many average white men would be Christian if they knew Jesus was Aramaic to begin with!?

Do you think that you think you'd see Jesus all over the place if he were black/Aramaic? That's right, all this Jesus in my womb or on my toast shit is just that: Bullshit. Jesus wasn't white.

Do you see this guy on that baby? Who is that guy you people think is Jesus anyways?


Personal Coverage Check

T-Mobile needs to get with Google Maps for this reason: they can.

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Like Paul Rademacher did with Craigslist Housing listings

Or Like SuperGreg did with traffic conditions.


Porn Comics in the Land of Starsky & Hutch

Save for some of the more ghastly and bloody images this style is so intriguing.

They Grow Up Fast

It's true, right before your eyes. And here is the science of relativity. Apparently kids are better connected with speed than just spurts in physical growth. One might extract from this artice that it may be better to rough-house with your toddlers quicker than it is slower. I remember when my son was just crawling. At times he still finds it easy to sleep upon my chest like a baby though. God he is getting kind of big though, I hope that he grows out of that soon.

Explore Darwin IV

If you haven't seen this promo yet, get ready it's gonna be pretty unavoidable soon. On May 14th Discovery is running a program promising to take us earthlings to a living planet in the year 2014 6.5 light years away called Darwin IV. This time it's for real and there are no little green men or flying saucers, but space beasts, dinosaur style. Wait can you call something alive in the future a dinosaur?

Anyways, it's a 42 year-long space trip but you can go to the website and visit it in a flash. Hardy Harrrr!!!

My Morning Sun is the Drug That Brings Me Near

New Order has an excellent webplace with buko video content. Have a see

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Please Put Our Money Where Our Mouthes Are!

Diplomatically, is this filed under friendly spying? I'm sick, with a cold on top of my allergies thus I have entirely too much time on my hands right now. And I should be posting much more than I currently am. Over the years, since the time FDR until today, for all the tax dollars we give Israel continually, annually what does it add up to: like a trillion in total? Ultimately wind up with their folks qualified enough to be snooping around inside our government, and delivering secrets to whom? As if we harbor something ill or suspicious against Israelis. Whenever they need a veto we got one in our back pocket for them yet they're still insecure about us!? Phooey! I don't have enough energy to evoke how disappointing this article is to me. Perhaps there is a lesson in this on how insecure we may or may not be about our best friends. God knows I've seen it. We often bite the hands that feed us, in fear that they may withhold later. If so then enough is enough.

My point: Our money is undoubtedly better spent fixing our own home educating our own children, keeping our own people healthy, sheltering our own homeless, than it is abroad financing theirs. Was the bombing of the USS Liberty a friendly bombing also?

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