Ambiguously Gay Popemobile

How seriously pimped out is this ride for the man who is head of a group of "celibate" men. It's Heaven's Gate meets Dolomite in a twisted episode of SNL's the Robert Smigel's "Ambiguously Gay Duo".

What We Pay For!

Michael W. Lammers II,
"We get what we pay for… What am I getting at here? We have all heard this phrase before and we all understand what it means, right? But…, do we really understand what this phrase means and all that it really implies especially where a "free" press is concerned?

I'm going to make an uncomfortable assertion one that some of us would rather sweep under the carpet.

Many of us don't!

We want a "free press" and someone has to pay for it. All too frequently we see the results of our "free press".

News stories that could have a negative effect on a Newspaper's or Periodical's advertisers get "edited" or placed in a column buried on page F 109 or somewhere between that quaint story about Mrs. Smith's prize winning petunias or the winner of a "local" spelling bee whose parents make large contributions to Bob Jones University while the 5 car pileup on the freeway gets the largest headline on the front page.

Why is it however that news about the funding for a "special education" program or a "bill" requiring affordable and accessible housing for some folks who are less fortunate gets buried where readers who are strapped for time have to spend precious time to find it?

Why are the "Best" writers and reporters used for the "sensational" front page story which in one way or another is a repetition of countless previous stories like it and why are the worst writers and reporters used for local political reporting?

Who pays for our "free" press and how does the placement of their advertisements affect the placement of meaningful and meaningless news stories and how does this affect the reader's lives and their political choices?

Mmmm… Remember, that great two page story about that expensive new luxury car that starts on the front page of section D in the Sunday paper?

That's a great advertisement, isn't it?

Oh my, wait a second, what happened to that story about rising gas prices, or the one about drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

What about the one that would tell us about hazardous air pollution levels that travel toward us from large distant cities? Anyone remember Kyoto?

That's interesting, a proposal to relax environmental restrictions on Oil companies is buried too, but the proposal to reduce gasoline taxes and thus lower the price of gasoline is right there on the bottom of the front page.

Yes, there is a "Santa Claus" and he or she will format the news to maximize the advertiser's profitability. Now there's a faint glimpse of the obvious."

/As ABCNews goes mum on Iraq?
//A Media-Opoly

Whole Foods

Doesn't It Bother Anybody?

If a picture tells a thousand words, how long will it be before people get disturbed by this and start equating Whole Foods with Starbucks? I'm wagering short.

Note: Write more about the embracing of big business by the anti-establlishment. Or the establishing of the anti-establishment. Or the anti-establishing of the anti-establishment. Whicheverrrr!

Sign: Frozen in Time

BALTIMORE -- Imagine being frozen in time as a baby forever. It sounds impossible, but it describes Brooke Greenberg.

The Baltimore-area girl may look like a baby, but she's nearly a teenager. In most respects, Brooke looks and acts like your average 6-month-old baby -- she weighs 13 pounds and she is 27 inches long.

But Brooke is actually 12 years old, reported WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Birds of a Feather

Michael Jackson, the scum of the earth butters you up. Can anyone imagine being Michael Jackson at the height of being Michael Jackson? That's rhetorical, OK, don't answer that! Things are good, you're the king of pop! The album that did it all: Thriller, a Quincy Jones masterpiece. You're loved by everyone then Bad comes out and popularity begins to wane. Dangerous is next and you're sinking sharp. The only fanatics that remain are the bottom of the heap, yet you're there too, even more bizarre. Your life is a zoo. Which has beckoned me to ask more than once, was it Vincent Price that did this to you?

Some day you will be remembered as the incredibly changing man, from black to white. We'll all be stumped by this in history, it could take mythic interpretations. Was it cosmetic or natural. So how weird is it when along comes Martin Bashir, a "credible" British journalist for the BBC comes along and promises a to exhonerate you then puts the move on you, "YOU'RE 'LOOKING SO SEXY"! What the fuck! Talk about uncomfortable!

Martin Bashir to MJ: "Women are going to be taking their pants off and throwing them at the screen".
From time to time you gotta feel bad for that terribly confused little boy-man who thinks he is Peter Pan.


This, for Some Reason Doesn't Surpirise Me

It's fucking Saturn! And it's fucking huge! It has a couple asteroid belts or somethings no less! Why the fuck do people seem so awed! What's the fucking deal with where ever you look the last couple days, there is a heading somplace about Saturn having 40 fucking moons, or "Yet Another Moon on Saturn". Get a fucking grip... look at it like this, imagine, if we habitated Saturn. Got that in your head nice and tight? Now think about what that sky must look like at night there. We would have probably been perplexed by the idea that if you go completely south or north the rings disappear. WOW! If you think about it, this isn't exactly news.

/via Sploid

The Pope of "Stuttgarter Hofbreau"

700 litres of beer on the wall of the sistine chapel
700 litres of beer
Take one down pass it around
699 litres...

/Apparently Benedict XVI is somewhat of a chugga.

I'm Lost Bitch!

Update: Last week I posted an E story regarding the whereabouts of Dave Chappelle, and after reading he Newsweek article this week I believed this missing persons deal was just a publicity stunt. According to my little brother, Stern speculated Chappelle got himself reacquainted with Allah (apparently Dave Chappelle is a Muslim). This Morning, I want to note that Imus reported Chappelle checked himself into a Mental Health facility in South Africa. I still think it's a publicity stunt.


Out of Love,

> I NEVER...
> Fingers laced
> Hearts racing
> Eyes glazed
> I never
> Sheets a tumble
> Tears jumbled
> Heat, heat
> Extremities reaching
> Oh
> "I have never been so in love with anyone on an escalator before"
> Escalating the lovely
terrainious elevations
earthen excavations
skyward thrusts
landwards blows
tectonic shifts
sandstorm drifts
love's clouds scatter
offering random patterns
sketching out delicate
reflections of fire and ice
sailing along our shores
wind beaten shutters
rattling for entry
to our little abode
floating explorations
shaken to the bone

More Than Meets the Eye!

Behind those glasses, this 80-something jewish man is Henry Orenstein. DON"T BE FOOLED. What should one expect from a man who survived 5 Nazi camps, other than the greatest invention to every child from my generation? The coolest toy ever; You know a little something called Optimus Prime, et al. RIGHT?! Which, by way of Adam's Papa (my Dad) we knew personally and by default made me the most popular kid on my block. Although Dad espoused his certain brand of pride prohiiting him ever to ask Mr. Orenstein for anything, I made sure I would accompany my Dad everytime he would pay Mr. Orenstein a visit to his home in Verona, NJ. Simply to strengthen the potential for greater possibile outcomes. By the law of averages, it often worked.

Henry Orenstein came up recently in an article in the Star Ledger, which was much to Dad's amusement, regarding his newest baby: Poker. pPlayer.com logged an entry on him and his genuis. And for even more visit this IJN read.

We pay homage to Henry Orenstein with this ode to the Transformers called 'The Touch', by Stan Bush. The theme song to Transformers Movie. We found whilst visiting Screenhead.

Thats be a pretty doping, badass shirt he's a wearing there. Think if i wait outside his door today, he'd give it to me? For old times sake...


I turned in a fantastic Spring Lake weekend and Mother's Day, lounging in front of the boob tube, enjoying my two favorite programs Deadwood (which is the best show on TV of any kind ever), and Curb Your Enthusiasm, "The Car Pool Lane". In it Larry David attempts getting out of Jury Duty, by:
1. Wearing his Seinfeld jacket to the Jury selection, because "they hate celebrities".
2. Falsely projecting to the Judge that he is a racist; When asked if he could be unobjective, David speculates his unsurety due to the fact that the man standing trial is "a negro".

But in the series he is always weaseling out of commitments by using excuses to exempt himself or doing something distasteful to dispose unwanted desires and trusts of him by other people.
So in Larry David's world life typically bcomes art, but in his first post today at Huffingtonpost, art became life to the dim-wit. A modest contribution regarding the merits he bases his support of the nomination of "Rootin Tootin, Yosemite Sam" John Bolton to be the next US ambassador to the UN. About the funniest thing I read in a while. Pure comedic genuis.

But more amusing, because I dislike hollywood for all of its vanity; after being promised contributions from the all around celebritydom, Huffingtonpost was blasted by LA Weekly. WOW! Real shocker (not a sarcasm, really)! You mean LA Weekly didn't pander, why not? Because, to them, the lack of celibluster makes it blow.

In all honesty, I think the content was adequate, but not for what it is intended. I ask LA Weekly, don't celibs get it? When the vote didn't come out for Kerry after he paraded his celeb pals before us we didn't respond. Like four more years of Dubya wasn't enough of a slap in the face to them? The poeple of conscience just are and they won't need celibs to make it happen.

Look at the numbers, AOL asked: Should famous people join the blogosphere?
The majority response was: "It's annoying, stars already have a voice"

So after what seemed like months of hype that Larry David and other celibs, would be contributing to Huffingtonpost, The only David to contribute at launch was none other than "... Seinfeld co-creator Larry David's wife, Laurie..."

I'll stick to the way of the wishful thinker out there: "Maybe this will get rid of Huffington once and for all."